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Introduction to Hello Darlin'

Hello Darlin’ is a British Independent Film that was originally based on a true story set in the 1960’s. However due to budget constraints a decision was made to bring the story into the present to avoid costly sets, costume and props. This involved a complete rewrite of the script to make it work in the modern era. At first the vision of the film was to make it in the style of modern crime noir but once collaboration begun the film took on the shape of a modern western. Our main character being the lonely outlaw being pursued by a posse of other characters in a bid to discover the truth.

The entire film was shot over a period of three weeks in March 2019. It was our original intention to film mostly at night to create that dark moody atmosphere. However due to certain locations only being available during the day and other problems encountered most of the filming was done during the day.

Although our original vision has changed the footage we captured has more than compensated for that change. This film will be a testament to the collaboration of all the creative minds involved both behind and in front of the camera.


Les Dalton is on parole after nine years in prison for armed robbery, and now everyone wants to know what happened to the missing gold. He claims it never existed, but no-one believes him, including the retired detective who headed the original manhunt. Whilst Dalton tries to build a new life in a world he wants no part of it, plans are afoot to force him to tell the truth -- a move which will ultimately cost someone their life. 

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